I am a licensed clinical social worker (LCSW) and licensed clinical addictions specialist (LCAS). I provide counseling in a very safe, open minded, and nurturing environment which gives my clients the support they need in order to heal and grow. I am affirming of all people including lesbian, gay, bisexual, and other queer identities, as well as transgender and gender non conforming or gender non-binary individuals. I am supportive of and have experience working with clients in all types of relationship dynamics, including non-monogamous and poly relationships. I am in network with Blue Cross Blue Shield, Optum (Most United Health Care plans use Optum), Cigna, and Medicare. Please email to request an appointment.  Explore the website to learn more.



Heal and grow

Therapy is a wonderful opportunity to discover new insights and heal from past hurts and disappointments, loss, or trauma (including physical abuse, sexual abuse or emotional abuse).  I can help you learn ways to regulate emotions, tolerate distress, manage bereavement, or grief, and to be more at peace in your body and in the world. If you are recovering from an alcohol or drug addiction, an eating disorder or another behavioral or process addiction, I can help you maintain sobriety and begin or continue to live a balanced, healthy life.   


manage stress

Learn new ways to cope with stress and anxiety; decrease your anxiety levels and increase your ability to relax and enjoy life. Discover techniques to reduce obsessive or unwanted negative thoughts, whether they stem from OCD, PTSD, or generalized anxiety. Learn to increase self esteem and let go of guilt and shame.  I am skilled at teaching relaxation and breathing training, as well as helping to identify and replace negative thoughts to reduce fear and tension, decrease panic attacks, and increase quality of sleep.